Sunset Cooperative Nursery School is a parent-participation school for 2- to 6-year-old children. Sunset Co-op provides a trusting and caring environment for our children to live, learn and play.

Parent participation is the backbone to the co-op preschool's philosophy and strength. Sunset Co-op's community consists of 50 to 60 families, and each family commits to a half-day of work per week. The school has a professional education director and at least two other preschool teachers. There are separate morning and afternoon sessions, with typically 9 adults per session to assist classes of up to 30 kids.  

Each family also has a fundraising responsibility and a school job and has to provide a snack approximately every six weeks. Once a month, at least one parent has to attend a business meeting and one of two parent education meetings. The business meeting provides the opportunity to speak to the community and to learn updates from the board. The parent education meetings entail listening to and learning from experts on topics about our children's education, well-being and growth.